Summer Commit & Fill

Altitude Crop Innovations is excited to announce a Summer Commit and Early Fill opportunity on key Altitude products for the 2019 use season. Products like RAVINE, ARTEMIS, PETRA MOC, VISOR S-MOC, and VISOR S-MOC II have given dealers the opportunity to provide excellent weed control solutions for their customers while maximizing Return on Investment for their retail businesses. Our 2018 summer fill program is the best time to order and fill these products to ensure supply and the most competitive pricing for the upcoming 2019 use season! Read below for details!

Qualifying Products

[[column type="1/2"]RAVINE is a superb one-pass corn herbicide with 3 active ingredients.


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Available Discounts

Prepay + Early Fill Discounts

Earn up to 25% off per gallon when you utilize our lucrative Prepay and Early Fill discounts together! QUALIFICATIONS: Prepay discount is earned when money is received by 8.15.18 AND/OR Early Fill Discount is earned when you take product by 11.30.18

Early Pay + Early Fill Discounts

Earn up to 22% off when you combine the Early Pay and Early Fill Discounts! QUALIFICATIONS: Early Pay discount is applied when invoice is paid in full by 12.15.18 AND/OR Early Fill discount is earned when you take product by 11.30.18

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