About Altitude

Altitude Crop Innovations is a modern agriculture company that specializes in creating exceptional, cutting edge products for key crops across the United States. Our innovations are carefully crafted and produced to meet the strictest standards and needs of today’s ag industry. Our aim is to elevate your expectations and erase your preconceived notions on what your proprietary supplier of crop inputs should be. We are strategic, agile and have a partnership mindset – just a few of our ideals we pride ourselves on.


Because of growing prices within the industry, Altitude Crop Innovations, LLC focuses on products that add value to our customers, with a distinct emphasis on three crop input segments:


When you need to manage drift or improve the effectiveness of your pesticide, Altitude has a full arsenal of adjuvants that will elevate results to new heights. Our expert innovators work hard to provide cutting edge technologies for our tank additives, ensuring your grower receives the results they need and expect in spray solutions.


Altitude’s crop protection portfolio is comprised of a wide range of quality products including herbicides, fungicides and insecticides, along with several exclusive brand lines available only through Altitude Crop Innovations. Our goal is to provide products to consistently maximize yield and protect your growers crops from harmful environmental factors.


The pricing volatility of today’s N-P-K market makes for uncertainty, Altitude recognizes this and provides a line of nutritionals for today’s farmer. Our technologies include nitrogen management products, micronutrients, starter technologies and foliar feeding products that will help optimize nutritional demands, at the time growers need it, to provide peak yields in their crops.